What if you could turn your metabolism back on and lose weight the natural way?

I used to have a metabolism like a hummingbird…

I remember when I was young and my metabolism was like a hummingbird’s. I could run around all day and play extreme sports and not suffer from aches and pains.

I used to sleep like the dead, a minimum of 8 hours without waking. And when I awoke my sleep was so deep it felt that my dreams were chasing me into consciousness.

People used to admire my complete abandonment of inhibitions when it came to eating and drinking. Portion size was just “more please”.

Food tasted so good and the taste buds danced. A few hours later I was feasting again.

The concept of laxatives was unintelligible to me. More regular than a Rolex, complete, without fuss, and satisfying.

Heartburn, reflux, bloating, weight gain, arthritis…well that was just old people talking.

Those were the days… when I had a metabolism!

What if you could turn your metabolism back on?

What if there was a natural medicine which worked with your body to…
• Accelerate fat burning
• Preserve lean muscle while burning fat
• Improve blood sugar levels
• Reduce glucose production in the liver
• Reduce insulin resistance in the muscles
• Improve immunity
• Improve liver function
• Improves circulation and blood flow
• Improves energy levels

Well, now there is…

NO caffeine, artificial stimulants, no elevation of heart rate.

AMPK – the master metabolic switch.

AMPK or its chemical name, “5’ adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase” is an enzyme that plays a crucial role in cellular energy homeostasis.

AMPK acts as a metabolic master switch regulating a number of systems inside your cells which control how your body uses energy. Increasing AMPK stimulates a biochemical cascade of reactions in the body which improves metabolism. This biochemical cascade is extremely complex but can be simplified in the following chart.

Increase AMPK
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