PSK Trammune
Enhances immune function
90 Capsules

Each porcine-free capsule contains: 500mg Trametes versicolor proteoglycan concentrate

What is PSK? 
PSK is a proteoglycan found in the mushroom Coriolus or Trametes versicolor. The results obtained from a large number of published scientific studies and clinical trials showed that PSK is a powerful immunomodulator capable of stimulating diverse immunological functions.

Depressed Immunity 
A depressed immunity can be attributed to a number of causes including advanced age, stress, poor gut barrier function, infection, disease, exposure to carcinogens and treatment with immunosuppressive agents  including chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

No Drug Interactions
PSK does not interact with other drugs nor affect hepatic drug-metabolizing enzyme activities indicating that drug efficacy is not affected by PSK when used with other medications.

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