Dennis Vander Kraats

B.A., N.D.,Dip.Acup., D.B.M.

Dennis Vander Kraats was born in Toronto, Canada and grew up with a passion for distance running.

Representing Canada nationally and Internationally on a number of occasions, including the 1979 World Cross Country Championships, his success in athletics earned him a scholarship from the prestigious University of Notre Dame (U.S.A.).

After arriving in Australia, Dennis and his wife Marion became intimately involved in the health food industry which only caused to further stimulate Dennis’s desire to expand his knowledge of natural therapies.

After eight more years of study, Dennis graduated from the Melbourne College of Naturopathy and Homoeopathy, the Nanjing College of Acupuncture, and the Australian Acupuncture College (Victorian University of Technology) to become a qualified Naturopath and Acupuncturist.

The key to Dennis’s success however has been his long term commitment to evidence based natural medicine. In other words taking the very best of over 6,000 years of accumulated knowledge and applying stringent performance criteria before introducing them to his practice.

The results speak for themselves with over 25 years experience for the people who matter most... the patients.