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One's state of health is determined by one's genotype and one's phenotype. Genotype is the God given genetic constitution that we receive at birth. Our phenotype is based on the environment that we're exposed to, our diet, and our lifestyle. Although we can't do very much about our genetics, recent research shows certain genes can be "turned off" and "turned on" depending on our phenotype.

Achieving optimal health often requires an understanding of the individual's genotype as well as promoting an ideal phenotype which allows one's genetic potential to be expressed. When we understand how unique we each are, we see the necessity of treating health problems from a holistic approach to enjoying the best of health.

Evidence Based Natural Medicine is the judicious use of treatment strategies which have been validated by scientific testing and controlled studies, or in some cases, the weight of empirical evidence is so overwhelming that treatment can be reasonably relied upon for success.


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